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I have officially decided to once again go by the name of: SID

Dun dun dun. I feel I am no longer different due to the other seven Sarahs in our grade.

Hilary Duff is my Idol

Nooo.. I'm not listening to Hilary Duff....:o

Lets go back
back to the beginning
back to when the earth the sun the stars all aligned
Cos perfect,
Trying to fit a square into a circle
Was no life

Let the rain fall down
and Wake my dream
let it was away all sanity
cos i wanna hear the thunder
i wanna scream
let the rain fall down
im comming clean
im comming clean

im shedding
shedding every color
trying find a pigment of truth beneath my skin
Cos different
doesnt feel so different

Let the rain fall down
and wake my dreams
let it wash away all sanity
cos i wanna feel the thunder
i wanna scream
let the rain fall down
im comming clean
im comming clean

YESTERDAY I learned how to play 'Cant Stop Now' on drums, I am like Richard and his hobnobs now!

Let the rain fall- I'm comming.

Do le do.

Going to shower now. Bye.
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I have waaaay too much homework. "For most of us, it would be too hard to go on - he tells his story over and over because the more we listen the safter well be, something something to work with people like rob. Get facts to see how you can make your workplace safe."

Actually, Im just trying to act like im not a part of it - Scott

Also, meet recording artist Shaea, blah blah

New series line hair care, discover new frizz control and breakage defence collections- well lets clear things up, for one its clean and nuclear energy is reliable as long as our enegry needs increase to learn more visist CNA . ca

I am the coolest person ever and has created the coolest SLOGAN section page for the junior school
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nananann batman

it is 8 oclock and i am bored

adrienne is at outward bound and i havent talked on the phone to her for incrediably long time its weird
BAZAMMMm it was valentines day yesterday i love too many people

entering photo contest-excited

math test friday

i seem to be rambling on

latin tomorrow
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I just finished my enligsh project and from now on I hate poetry, english, sonnets, and yourdictionary.com


Imagery is affectively and intensely used to let the raeder udnerstand and picture what Owen saw and felt during his time at war. "Gas! Gas! Quick, boys! An exstasy of fumbling, Fitting the clumsy helmets in time, But someone still was yelling out and stumbling and floundering like aman in fire or lime. When I read part of the poem it was very favile for me to iamgaine exa BLAH
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Oh Yoshimi, you wont let those, robots eats me, Yoshimi.
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